The FDA has very specific requirements for the labels of the products it regulates, including the supplement facts panels of dietary supplements. In particular, the FDA requires certain statements to be made on the Principal Display Panel (PDP) of many FDA-regulated products, such as the Net Quantity of Contents, Statement of Identity, etc. However, it must be noted that the label requirements differ based on product classification. For example, while food labels must bear nutrition facts panels, dietary supplements (although a subset of the food classification) are required to display supplement facts panels. More information about supplement facts panels and the applicable FDA regulations may be accessed on the FDA’s website here.

As you can see, because the labeling regulations are quite complicated and highly-technical, label reviews are one of the services that we often provide. Label reviews are a key way of how we help our clients ensure that their product labels are fully compliant with FDA regulations. From the development of supplement facts panels to ensuring all label components meet the requirements of FDA regulations, the hiring of an FDA regulatory attorney is designed to allow you to market and sell your products in compliance with federal law in the United States.

Reviewing Nutrition Facts Panels and Product Labels

At The Law Office of Katherine Giannamore, P.A., we can help you ensure FDA compliance by:

  • Reviewing your current product labels to determine whether they presently comply with FDA regulations and other applicable federal laws;
  • Providing an overview of the changes to your current labeling that must be made in order to bring your product into full FDA compliance;
  • Suggesting alternative wording to ensure that the claims made on your product labels do not pose a high risk of agency action, and
  • Reviewing your revised labels after the initial review to ensure that all suggested changes are made and that the final product labels are FDA compliant.

If you would like to know more about our reviews of supplement facts panels or how an FDA regulatory attorney can help you ensure FDA compliance, please feel free to contact us at

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