The FDA regulates medical devices on a three-tier, risk-based approach. Class III medical devices, or high-risk medical devices, are typically subject to the most stringent regulatory requirements, including the submission of a premarket approval application (“PMA”). Contrasted with the premarket notification process, the PMA (premarket approval) process is more rigorous because it requires a device sponsor to demonstrate that its device is safe and effective for its intended use, based on scientific evidence. Accordingly, these submissions are typically much lengthier and more detailed than the documentation needed for FDA clearance. However, once a device is the subject of an approved PMA, the device sponsor may refer to the device as “FDA Approved.” More information about the premarket approval regulations may be accessed here.

Premarket Approval Services

At The Law Office of Katherine Giannamore, P.A. a FDA regulatory attorney can help you with the premarket approval process by:

  • Determining whether premarket approval is necessary in order to market your particular device;
  • Conducting research to determine whether there are any specific guidance documents applicable to  a premarket approval application for your type of device, and 
  • Consulting with you as to the requirements necessary for premarket approval review.

Should you have any questions about your device or a FDA regulatory attorney can help you with the premarket approval process, please contact us at

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