FDA Untitled Letters: FDA Warnings with a Twist

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has recently been issuing letters to companies that are distinct from traditional FDA Warning Letters. Referred to as FDA Untitled Letters, these letters must be taken seriously, as the terms of FDA Untitled Letters require the recipients to take immediate action once a letter has been issued.

FDA Untitled Letters: Why It Matters?

Many businesses may be well versed when it comes to handling FDA Warning Letters, but when it comes to FDA Untitled Letters recipients of Untitled Letters may not fully understand how to respond. Accordingly, there are a few things to keep in mind once a FDA Untitled Letter is received. First, an Untitled Letter should not go unanswered, as the terms of the Letter require response, and a comprehensive response thereto could potentially save a business from being issued a Warning Letter or other enforcement action.

Differences between FDA Warning Letters and FDA Untitled Letters

  1. Warning Letters describe alleged violations with both online marketing materials and print marketing materials, as well as product labels. Conversely, Untitled Letters appear to be focused solely on online marketing materials.
  1. Untitled Letters are typically not published on the FDA’s website, unlike FDA Warning Letters, which are routinely published on the FDA website. However, it is important to note that although the Agency does not automatically post FDA Untitled Letters, non-response may trigger publication, reinforcing the importance of a response to FDA Untitled Letters adequately and promptly.

Assistance with FDA Untitled Letters

If you have received an Untitled Letter from the FDA it is vital that you do not disregard the letter. In particular, the receipt of a FDA Untitled Letter may signal an additional chance to resolve the issues cited by the FDA before risking receipt and publication of a FDA Warning Letter. If you are unsure what a FDA Untitled Letter means and what action must be taken, our Firm is available to help you with this process. Whether it be FDA Warning Letters or FDA Untitled Letter we can help you develop and implement necessary, corrective measures before your products or business face consequences. If you are in need of assistance please contact us at contact@sglawfl.com.